80inch 6x8MM Endless Infinity Beaded Long OR 4Layer Multi Strand Statement Crystal Necklace Strands Purple iJU5sX0Nt

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Tulsi is considered to be very sacred in the scriptures. Due to having Lord Krishna as the most belovedTulsi Malawho keeps the Tulsi Malaalso keeps Lord Krishna in his heart by holding Tulsithe flow of electric power in the body increases and The power to hold the power of the zodiacs increases.Wearing tulsi mala in the throats causes electricity to flowwhich does not allow obstruction of blood circulation. Astrology exists around the holder due to strong electric power. According to the scripturesthere is no famine or any harmful disease to the person holding it. According to the Shaligram Puranaif the Tulsi mala is on the person's body while taking foodthen it receives the virtue of making many sacrifices to the personthe diseases which remain in the house where there is tulsi.

Materials Wood & nut

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