925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings SILGO August Black Onyx Gemstone Earrings Hypoallergenic and NickelFree for Sensitive Ears with Rhodium Plating for LongLasting Unique Designs Stud Blue ifXELjCEh

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AUGUST BIRTHSTONE EARRINGS - Did you know that there is a certain gemstone that is created for your month If notstart looking into your colors! Silgo has all of the gemstones for the 12 months we have and each of them is as precious as you! Colorstylelook! Everything you need to feel satisfied and show off who you are. Let the gemstone speak for themselves while you rock the rock! Black Onyx is Birthstone of Leo sign and those who born between July 23rd to August 23rd
PERFECT NICKEL-FREE AND HYPOALLERGENIC EARRINGS FOR ALL! Silgo's designed jewelry are all nickel free and hypoallergenic so that anyone can wear them anytime and anywhere! Silgo's earrings are perfect for anyone that has sensitive skin as it is designed to fit for all! Their jewelry is also made with Rhodium Plating to help enhance the life of the jewelry! Comfort goes for everyone and Silgo's earrings are just what you need!
BEST PRESENT EVER! Who does not love jewelries Not only are our designer jewelries classy and fashionable but they come in the perfect packaging! Our black box alone is the perfect ideal look to gift to someone as you do not need extra preparation in making it look nice! Perfect giftperfect box. Silgo's simpleclassiccolorful natural gemstone earrings are timeless and evergreen in nature. Stay simpleclassicand beautiful everytime and everywhere. It is your time to shine!
THE PERFECT FIT Silgo's earring revolves around 6x6 to 7x5 depending on the shape you choose. Silgo earrings have four designs shaped in circleovalpearand triangle! The earrings are also not too big and not too small! It is the perfect size you need to show off your looks and accessories! Wear your earrings anywhere you go whether at homeoffice settingto even casual hangouts! These earrings fit for any type of occasion you are looking for so let your jewelry shine!
Diverse Designs Silgo's earrings are not only unique but it was designed by an award winner for her fabulous creations! Our award-winning in-house team of jewelry designers ensure that the most trendystylish and stunning pieces of jewelry are up for offer.

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