Agnitite Fire Azeztulite Necklace 18 8mm Round Beads Strands Hindu 6yjquO0DI

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This mala is made Purely with 5 faced big beads of Rudraksha. Mostly this mala is used in mantra chanting. It increases the spiritual-power. It negates the adultery. Rudraksha beads are actually the seeds of a plant named Elaeocarpus ganitrus.

Nityananda Shankracharya Mala 5 Face Rudraksha Beads
4 Line Rudraksh in The Middle 5 mm Small and 15 mm Big Bead 1008 Beads Mala Kantha
This pendant will enhance your look wherever you go.
Superior quality & skin friendly high quality as per international standards that makes it very skin friendly.
A great collection and for Gifting to Your Relatives

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