AUBREY LEE Three Row Sparkle Curb Figaro Chain Layered Necklace for Women Strands Yellow XBiBikzqr

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Aventurine An aventurine mala helps promote healthy new growth that is based on the hearts love. Aventurine is an excellent leadership gemstone for it helps build community. This prayer bead mala is also useful to work with when undergoing chemotherapy for it helps pull out the chemical toxins and helps the body rebalance. Radiating a calming energyaventurine is used in shielding the heart and in healing and balancing the emotions. Aventurine further stimulates creativity and independence. It enhances leadership qualities allowing the wearer to act decisivelyand strengthens intuitive power. It is especially useful for healing and for good luck. Green Aventurine Is said to reinforce decisiveness and it is also believed to amplify leadership qualities and instinctive action. The stone is thought to bestow emotional tranquilitypositive attitudes towards lifeindependencehealth and well being. Chant or simply wear this Green Aventurine Mala to benefit from all the gemstone properties. Total number of beads 108+1Mala has been made in traditional Indian style. THE MALA HAS BEEN ENERGIZED BY SWAMI BUDHIRAJA WITH MANTRAS TO GIVE BEST RESULTS. Blessed and Energized with proper MantrasPujas and Spiritually activated by SWAMI BUDHIRAJA to give best results. Since a Yantra and Mala is a Man-Made objectit requires energization to infuse potency and power to benefit the owner. Before sending the Yantras or Malaswe get Pran Pratishtha (Energization) done by learned Pandits (Priests) without any extra charges. This is done by reciting Mantras as prescribed by Vedas (Hindu Holy Books)as well as Homa for the respective Devi/Devta (God/Godess) as per Purpose of Yantra and Mala. ONLY WATER FROM RIVER GANGA (GANGES) IS USED FOR THE ENERGIZATION PURPOSE. Handmade in USA bead sizecolor and texture may varyadding to the artistic quality of each individual item

The Rosary is considered sacred and need to be treated with respect and care.
They will naturally turn darker with your own body oil.. this is the desired effect as they will grow stronger.
Wash them occasionally to remove dirt and dust.
Keep in a place of sanctity.

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