August Birthstone VBale PearShaped Peridot Solitaire Pendant Necklace in Silver 7x5mm Peridot Pendant Necklaces rose sdjFiyIBJ

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Peridot Jewelry by Angara

This magnificent August birthstone is one that symbolizes strength above all else. While some people treasure this gem for its symbolismothers appreciate the stunning green hues that are reminiscent of the earth and moss generally found in the countryside.

With this collectionyou get to enjoy the peridot in a large number of designs that promise to make way straight to your heart.

Fascinating Formation

Unlike other stonesthe peridot comes from the olivine mineral family and is brought to the surface of the earth through volcanic activity. This gemstone has also been discovered in pallasite meteorites which hold the remnants of the birth of our solar system. In the olden timespeople believed that the peridots that were found amongst the volcanic ashes were the tears of Pele - the Goddess of Volcanos. With such a fascinating backdropthis gem is considered to be the perfect reflection of one's distinctive nature.

A Unique Hue

Unlike other semi-precious gemstonesperidots have quite a narrow color spectrum that ranges from a light yellow-green to dark olive. The hues resemble the earth so muchthat it was originally difficult to find them during the day time. Because of thispeople would have to search for peridot during the night as the glittering hue of the gemstone would be visible under the lamplight. Peridots with a darker hue and ones that are slightly yellowish-green without any brown tints are considered to be highly valuable which makes them the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Why Choose Angara

Expertise in Gemstones

The creationbuilding and growth of the successful brand that Angara is today has been a result of our deep rooted expertise in gemstones. After allthree generations of our family have been meticulously involved in this business. The cumulative experience has resulted in the creation of exquisite fine jewelry that befits a variety of style preferences and occasions.

Extensive Collection of Jewelry

Bringing to you an ever-growing assortment of jewelryall available at the click of a buttonis an exciting part of what we do. We prioritize our customers and create jewelry that checks all parameters of qualityauthenticity and flawless craftsmanship. Whether it is a vintage inspired ring or a contemporary pendantour extensive collection has the perfect design for everyone.

Direct From the Source

We source best quality gemstones directly from the mines and manufacturers. This helps us to cut down the costs involved for middlemen. In returnwere able to offer you jewelry much affordable than traditional jewelers.

August Birthstone - V-Bale Pear-Shaped Peridot Solitaire Pendant Necklace in Silver (7x5mm Peridot)
Birthstone for the month of August and traditional gemstone gift for 1st & 16th wedding anniversaries. This stunning creation carefully packaged in appealing boxes is a great choice for Mother's Day gift as well.
18 Inch Sterling Silver Chain Included with Pendant.
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Angara offers high-quality Peridot jewelry in a variety of appealing designs. All our Peridots are sourced directly from mines and manufacturers. The exceptional craftsmanship ensures that every Peridot jewelry piece will last for generations.
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