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Little finger promises friends lovers family gift set series show the beauty of promisedeep love

Commitment Y chainCommitment keychainCommitment bookmark

The three gifts are a good reflection of the emotions that go along with you throughout your life. The little finger ticking and fulfilling the promise is a perfect expression of the friendship towards friendsloversand family. This jewellery is very suitable for sending it out on important occasions such as anniversary and birthday. It is elegant and graceful.

Pinky Promise

It is said that when two people's little fingers are hookeda bond is created. No one can break this bond. Both sides are tied by fatesome become friendssome become loversand some become Family. The little finger meansagreement and commitment.

The Beauty Of Promise Book Mark

When reading a bookyou can warm you and me in a short moment. The plot in the book is even more thought-provoking. Promise bookmarkswhen we read a bookwe can remember who we think ofsuitable for those who care about ourselves

Meaningful Promise Keychain

Keychains are linked for life. Give it to your best friendscouplesand loved onesand connect them well. It is the hub of the emotional linewhich reflects the friendship between them.

Necklace For Lover

The long time goes byand I turn around and look backmy heart is full of love. Promise is a romantic love affair between lovers and a beautiful language that lasts forever.

Necklace For Friends Family Members

This necklace can be a good expression of the relationship between friends and relatives. Can express the deep affection in the meantimeas well as the good wishes of a lifetime accompanied by commitment.

Promise Book Marks

Promise Keychain

Promise Y Chain Necklace

Promise Y Chain Necklace

Material Pinky Promise Necklace Set made of Stainless Steel + Alloyit is lead free and nickel free.Stainless Steel is hypo allergenicit doesnt rustchange colour or tarnish.
Size Pinky Promise pendant is 17.6*14.4mm,the chain length is 63cm.
Set of Two Pinky Promise NecklacesPinky Swear NecklacesBest Friends NecklacesPinky Swear PendantsSilver Pinky Promise Charms.
Christmas gift New Years Day gift girlfriend gift boyfriend gift mother gift,father gift teacher gift,St. Patricks Day gift Memorial Day gift.
Pinky Promise Necklace SetCouples Necklace SetBest Friends Necklace Set,Necklace gift for best friendsisteror significant other,Good best friendsfriendship gift,BFF gift,sisters gift.

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