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Bivei 7 Chakra Reiki Healing 108 Mala Bead Pendulum Necklace The 7-chakra necklace consists of 108 mala beads and a pendulum wrapped in zinc alloy electroplating ancient copper. 12 Faceted Prism Reiki 7 Chakra Pendant Size is measured in 3.15 inches high with a 15.7 inches long chain.Each bead is about 0.6mm in diameter and has a total of 108 beads. This retro chakra necklace can be used not only as a necklace or a braceletbut also as a pendulum to guide you forward. It's healing pendant necklace pefect for both womengirls and menyou can match with your other jewelry to complete your look. It will look great no matter what the occasion . Also,it can be a particularly thoughtful gift for familyfriends or yoga lovers. What is 7 Chakra Chakras are the concentrated 7 energy centers of the body. Chakra is a Sanskrit term and it means wheel or disk and is derived from the root word cakra.Chakras have the loving responsibility of taking inincorporating and emanating energy to keep us functioning at optimal levels. necklace This 7 Chakra necklace with 7 colors (necklace and pendant are in 7 colors ) that represent the 7 chakras in our body. It will help you open your chakra and balance your chakras replace the negative thoughts with an optimistic outlook towards life.Can use for reikihealingmeditationchakra balancingor ritual. What is the role of chakras Wearing chakra jewelry helps you stay healthy not only physically but also spiritually. In traditional thoughtpeople are said to have 108 afflictions or klesas. There are 6 senses (sightsoundsmelltastetouchand consciousness) multiplied by 3 reactions (positivenegativeor indifference) makes 18 "feelings." Chakra jewelry also quiets down the sensory system helping the wearer from having painful ailments such as headaches or migraine and improving mindfulness.

Agate is a very cool and calming stoneendowing us with a sense of peace and tranquility. it assists with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings.
Agate is a great nurturing and supportive stoneneutralising angerinfectioninflammation and fever.
Rough stones in their natural form are unalteredit is pure and unblemished. It contains unadulterated energies and can be really powerful as its not refined
These rough raw stones can be used in energytumblingdecorationjewellry makingchakra balancingreiki or other metaphysical practicesperfect for gifting & collection purpose
You will receive an item quite similar in appearance and weight to the item shown in the image but it may not be the exact one as natural stones are unique in their shape and form.

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[ 7 CHAKRA PENDULUM NECKLACE] 7 Chakra are believed to be part of the subtle bodynot the physical bodyand connected by energy channels called Nadi.This 7 chakra reiki healing crystal yoga balancing meditation necklace will help you with energy flow. It will surely help you in opening and balancing your chakras and will boost up the positive growth in all aspect in real quick.
[ 108 HAND KNOTTED MALA BEADS ] There is a hand knotted between each bead.The 108 beads are used to removal of 108 kinds of troubleso that the body and mind can reach a state of silence. In traditional thoughtpeople are said to have 108 afflictions or klesas. There are 6 senses (sightsoundsmelltastetouchand consciousness) multiplied by 3 reactions (positivenegativeor indifference) makes 18 feelings."
[ WITCH DOWSING PENDULUM PENDANT CRYSTAL ] This 7 chakra women's strand necklace with a 7 chakra pendulum.The pendulum crystal is your intuitive reflection. It can be a guide in life and even help you find lost items.The pendulum can give you about four answers yesnounknowand can't answer. The pendulum may move in a straight direction to represent yesa lateral movement to represent noa clockwise movement represents unknowand a counterclockwise movement represents can't answer.
[LONG CHAKRA NECKLACE MATERIAL] Zinc alloy electroplated ancient red copper wrapped witches stone pendulum.Stripes Agate(Root Chakra); Red Agate(Sacral Chakra); Picture Jasper(Solar Plexus Chakra); Green Agate(Heart Chakra); Variscite Jasper(Throat Chakra); Lapis Lazuli(Third Eye Chakra); Amethyst(Crown Chakra).The pendant is consists of seven different gemstonesrepresenting the seven chakras in the body.

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