Bocar Multiple Strand Turquoise Acrylic Beaded Statement Collar Necklace for Women NK10545 Strands WHITE VeHyEhKv3

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  • A string of prayer beads that is carried around by many peopleused either as a companion to keep track of how many prayers have been said or as a fashionable and prestigious accessory for relaxationkeeping your hands busy and as an status symbol.
  • ALBATROSART takes pride in compiling a unique collection of prayer beads which is the perfect embodiment of centuries-old Turkish craftsmanship.
  • Materials we use to make prayer beads vary. They can be crafted from woodboneambergoldsilver or many kinds of gemstones.
  • Our unique collection of prayer beads is the embodiment of centuries-old craftsmanship by Turkish tasbih makers.
  • We believe tasbihs are full of life and they witness your every moment and live your life with youand our intention is to make them as special as possible for youcontinuing this craftsmanship for more generations to come.
  • As different computers display colors differentlythe actual item may vary slightly from the above imagesthanks for your understanding.
  • All dimensions are measured by handso there might be a very slight variation.
  • The packaging materials we provide as gifts can come from different colors and models.
  • High quality unique beautiful ALBATROSART design prayer beadsrosary.
    It comes with a special fantastic GIFT WALLET
    This special Islamic prayer bead is the perfect gift for you and loved ones.
    You will feel yourself special with this special design prayer beads
    Amber is the fossilized version of the pine tree resin. This process varies between 20 and 65 million years. The products sold as amber are made of products such as petroleum residuespolyesterand plasticwhich are called phenolsand their prices may differ depending on the quality of workmanship.

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