Chakra Awareness Balancing Leather3 Wrap Crystal Bracelet with Hematite for Women Wrap Brown p4m9qQkiQ

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CRYSTAL GLASS AND HEMATITE WRAP BRACELET. BREATHTAKING BEAUTIFUL ARRAY OF SHIMMERING CRYSTAL GLASS COLORS designed to match your chakras. I carefully selected each color based on its beauty and color of the associated chakra. Each of the chakras is represented by a color violetindigolight bluegreenyelloworange and red. HEMATITE known to create a protective environmenta sort of reflective shield around the person who wears them. This makes these stones convenient for meditation.
CHAKRA BALANCING. Chakra bracelets are designed to balance the seven chakraswhich are energy centers. The only essential feature of a chakra bracelet is that its wearer understands its significance. Not every rainbow colored bracelet is a chakra braceletbut all bracelets colored this way can be worn as chakra bracelets and thereby achieve the intended balancing and healing effects.
UNBELIEVABLE ATTENTION TO DETAIL! HANDMADE BROWN LEATHER CORD INTERWOVEN WITH BROWN THREAD. Wraps around wrist 3 times. BEADS Square crystal glass iridescent beads. LENGTH 19.5" / 20.5" / 21.5" adjustable to 3 sizes. WIDTH Approx. 1/2" CLOSURE 3 adjustable with 1 sterling silver button closure.
IT'S GIFT READY! A gift for yourself or makes a great gift for a birthdayholidaygraduationgoing away partyincentivechanging jobsbrides maids or the beginning of any new journey. INCLUDES GIFT BOX and Chakra meaning card. The meaningful card and box make it gift-ready straight from Amazon.
SAFE TO WEAR Lead Nickel Free in compliance with all U.S.State requirements the CPSIA. SPUNKYsoul 100% HAPPINESS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Return to Amazon FREE within 30 daysno questions asked FREE RETURNS

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