Classic Balance of Life Yin Yang Symbol 10 mm 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings Stud Stud 1pL2va3EC

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This enchanting sterling silver pair of earrings was handcrafted by Thai artisan Watsud. The piece features the Yin and Yang symbol which represents the duality of natural forces. The ancient Chinese philosophy about opposite forces being interconnected is symbolized by the yin and yang symbol. Which is the belief that there is a duality in all thingsthat you cannot have one without the other and when combined you have balance. Examples of which are life and deathgood vs eviland the dark vs the light. Lightweight and versatilethis design is great for everyday wear. PLEASE NOTE The handcrafted nature of this product will produce minor differences in designsizing and weight. Variations will occur from piece to piecemeasurements may vary slightly.

AERAVIDA works directly with gifted and talented Artisans from all over the world. At the core of our philosophy is fair trade and fostering a sustainable future for our Artisans.

ARTISAN STORY Artisan Watsud is from Lampanga beautiful city located on the banks of the Wang River in northern Thailand. Watsud is the sister-in-law of another featured AeraVida artisanher youngest sister Preeda is married to artisan Somchai. She would often visit the local markets with her mother and sisters.

Material Sterling Silver | Trademark Stamped 925
Stone Simulated Black OnyxMother of Pearl | Color BlackWhite | Finish ShinyPolished | Style TrendySymbolYin Yang
Overall Measurements 10 mm (0.39 In) diameter | Weight 1 grams
Earring Type Pierced Stud | Closure Push Back
Item comes with original AERAVIDA jewelry packaging card. Perfect for gift giving to someone special or keep for yourself!

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