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5 Mukhi (Panch Mukhi) Original Rudraksha Mala made of Rudraksha Mala. This Rudraksha Mala has 108 + 1 Mala of 5 Mukhi Rudraksha. This Rudraksha Mala can be used by all menwomen and teens for daily wear or chanting. Rudraksha Beads used for the garland are big which also makes the chanting easy.

Five Mukhi Rudraksha It represents Kalagni. This extremely auspicious Rudraksha is important for those who want to awaken their Higher Self which means Upaguru. The garland of the sacred Rudraksha has been worn by sages and yogis since ancient timeswhich has deep significance and is considered a divine treasure. The rosary of the sacred Rudraksha is made from the seeds of the Rudraksha tree. Rudraksha is associated with Shiva.

Rudraksh is a Sanskrit compound word that includes Rudra (Sanskrit Rudra) and Akka (Sanskrit ). Rudra is one of the Vedic names of Shiva and Aka means 'teardrop'. Thusthe name means "Rudra's tearful stream". The rosary of Rudraksha consists of 108 beadsas 108 is considered sacred and the appropriate time to recite a short mantra. The additional beadcalled the "meru"the point or the "guru bead"helps to mark the beginning and end of the cycle of 108 and has symbolic value in the form of a 'principle' bead. Siddha Mala is the best for all.

Rudrakshathe most famous esoteric abhisheka of spiritual seekershas been used extensively since time immemorial. This Panchamukhi (five faced) Rudraksha Mala helps in one's spiritual development. Also known as Elyocarpus ganitrusRudraksh is the dried seed of a tree that grows in select locations of South-East Asiamainly in the Upper Himalayan Mountains.

5 Mukhi Rudraksha mala for Men and Women. Finely hand picked beads. Whole Rosary is hand crafted by Artisans in India and purified before sending to customers.
Size of each rudraksha bead is 9 to 10 mm in diameter
Simple and Basic Mala for daily use. Very useful for Meditation also
Good for wearing in offices also. You can gift this your friends as it makes a wonderful gift.
Rudraksha original Mala made of rudraksha beads with a knot between every bead

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