MGR MY GEMS ROCK Beaded Multi Strand Multi Color Gem Stone and Crystal Memory Wire Bracelet Multi Strand Wrap Bracelet or Stacked Cuff Bracelet Wrap Gold BvG49Oy3D

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ATTENTION GETTING STATEMENT BRACELET This purple toned multi-strand or 5-wrap stack bracelet is all hand crafted. The mix of electroplated purple druzy agate spheres with multi strand multi shape glittering crystals has a stunning effect.
HASSLE FREE AND EFFORTLESS TO WEAR This 5-strand bracelet has no clasp. It just needs to be coiled or wrapped around wrist.
NO CHANCE OF BREAKING The memory wire bracelet has no chance of breaking. This will ensure that this bracelet will be enjoyed for a long time.
GREAT GIFT IDEA This affordable and one of a kind bracelet makes a great gift for friends and loved ones.

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